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Partner Brand Spotlight - Matdai

My name is DeBorah Amoafo Yeboah.

My background in the beauty industry gave me insight into the importance of healthy skin. In 2016, I developed my skincare line Matdai (Mattie + Daisy), named after my great-aunt and my grandmother. These two women were healers who used love, understanding, and homemade remedies to comfort others. They held onto family remedies that were passed down through generations.

Matdai (Mattie + Daisy) products are made with the goal of putting people in a comfortable and natural place of well-being which is why I try to only use the finest of all -natural oils in my products.

My company got the ball rolling with its first product, Relief Massage Oil, which provides much-needed Relief to sore, tired muscles. The base of Relief was given to me by my brother who is a 5th generation herbalist from Ghana, West Africa. I developed Relief Massage Oil with the knowledge passed down from the women in my family. Relief has been a hit—it is my best-seller.

Matdai (Mattie + Daisy) Skincare will take care of your every need from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

My family remedies have been passed on through my generations, and I want to pass them down your generational line as well!

If you'd like to see more of Matdai's wonderful skincare line visit

Matdai (Mattie + Daisy) will also be featured at the “National African American Quilt Conference” in Lawrence, Kansas (NAAQC) in July!