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How to Have a Relaxing Spa Day at Home - 3 Essential Tips

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You take care of your children, your significant others, maybe your parents and even work projects. But how often do you take care of yourself?

Not only are spa days and “me time” overlooked for you. It’s not even in your top 10 list. But why not? The best way to take care of anyone else (whether you're a mom or wife or girlfriend or child or caregiver) is to first take care of the person proudly proclaiming these titles.

And best of all, you don’t even have to leave the house to do it. Zaabox has your at-home spa day covered.

Find a quiet room to meditate.

Lavender comes in handy for relieving anxiety, headaches, pain, insomnia and more. Rub some on the most important areas: crown of your head, temple, neck, behind your ears and your wrists. Then get ready to lay down. Whether you have a traditional yoga mat and want to lay in Shavasana pose or snuggle up in your favorite comforter, just enjoy the relaxation.

Maybe you prefer the sounds of silence while you meditate. If sitting in silence doesn’t work for your busy mind, meditation audio may help. Enjoy all kinds of glorious meditation sounds from free meditation apps, such as Insight. If you’re into the sound of rain drops, thunderstorms, nature, wildlife, guitar or piano instrumentals, meditation apps like these have you covered.

Make your bath your manicure and pedicure time.

Pull out your at-home nail kit to get started on a manicure and pedicure. Don’t have one? Head to your nearest retail store’s cosmetic aisle. All you need is a foot file, cuticle clippers, foot scrub, nail files, cuticle nail pusher and a nail buffer. You can usually find them all in one kit. If you tend to need a bit more treatment on your feet, maybe grab a callous remover too. Clip and shape your toenails and fingernails however you see fit. And whenever you’re ready to soak both, grab your favorite bath pillow. Or, use your own pillows but make sure they just don’t get wet. Enjoy soaking your hands and feet in your favorite shea butter body wash.

Let the massage come to you.
This is a great way to enjoy a massage in the privacy of your home. Thanks to apps that you can download onto your smartphone, you now have the power of a massage in your hands! Apps like Zeel® or Soothe™, are great options with licensed professional massage therapists that show up to wherever you want, whenever you want. You’ve already had a manicure, pedicure, bath and moisturizer so let the professionals take care of the rest! The best part is you set your environment, the candles and music you want, and the delight of getting pampered like the Goddess you are.

We hope these three tips help you enjoy a day of self-care. Let us know tips and tricks you use for your own “me time” in the comment section below.

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