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5 Secrets to Flawlessly Beautiful Chocolate Skin!

5 Secrets to Flawlessly Beautiful   Chocolate Skin!

We melanin-rich beauties have the distinction of needing to care for our divine skin with some of nature’s most splendid ingredients, keeping our skin healthy and glowing.
Especially as the winter months approach, be sure to employ these 5 tips to achieve your most beautiful, touchably soft skin.
Be Careful with that Lotion!

Do you find yourself carrying a nearly full-sized lotion bottle in your bag to fend off dryness? It could be the lotion itself that is stealing your natural glow. Lotions that are low in oil content and mostly made up of water can be easier to apply to the skin but the water evaporates quickly leaving you with often dull, dry, itchy skin. Try switching to a heavier, oil-rich lotion, body butter or cream to keep skin moisturized and supple.

Tip Extra: Cocoa and Shea butters help to condition skin
Easier When Wet…

We all know that our hair is easier to style when wet. But did you know, your skin is also easier to take care of when slightly wet? When applying moisture-saving products to skin such as creams, lotions or body butters it’s best to do so when you’re fresh out of the shower or bath. This will make it easier for your skin to absorb those healing properties.
Don’t Neglect These Areas!

We tend to forget about some of these areas when applying our daily skincare regimen, but they certainly deserve love too. The neck, behind the knees and inside the elbows are often overlooked, but these few areas when ignored can show our age. These special areas take care of all that daily bending and stretching and they need proper moisture and attention too!
Tip Extra: Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, helps defend against signs of aging
Give Your Face the Spa Treatment…

Ever wonder why the practice at the spa or nail salon is to cover skin with a very warm wash cloth before applying moisturizers? The warm cloth opens up the pores and leaves skin prepped for the extra hydration. Soak a wash cloth in hot water and place over your face for a few minutes, right before you apply your facial moisturizer.

Be Gentle to Your Face!

The facial skin is delicate and prone to abrasions. To keep skin soft and supple avoid vigorously rubbing your face dry with a rough towel, rather, gently pat your face dry with a soft cloth to soak up excess water after washing your face. Your face will thank you.


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Jul 29, 2020 • Posted by Jennifer

I need best cream for chocolate skin and soap

Jul 26, 2020 • Posted by Olisa

Which cream is the best for chocolate skin

Jul 25, 2020 • Posted by Helen

I need a cream that will make me chocolate colour, thanks.

Jul 11, 2020 • Posted by WAP

Please, what cream can I use to get a chocolate skin complexion?

Jul 05, 2020 • Posted by Penny

Pls I need a good soap
for chocolate skin

Jul 05, 2020 • Posted by Penny

Pls I need a good soap
for chocolate skin

Jun 30, 2020 • Posted by Stephen juliet

I am using Irish gold cream and tumeric and honey soap and its actually making me fair but originally am a chocolate person so please can you kindly recommend a very nice chocolate body cream and soap that will moisturize, smooth, tone and glow my skin.. Thanks

Jun 16, 2020 • Posted by Omowonuola

What cream and soap can I use to maintain my chocolate skin

Jun 07, 2020 • Posted by Berlinda

Which Cream And Soap Will I Use To Give Me Chocolate Skin And Smooth My Skin Too

Jun 05, 2020 • Posted by Alfredina

Please I want a cream that will make both my face and body a bit chocolate

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