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How Exfoliation Rejuvenates Your Beautiful Skin...

Luxury means luxuriously soft and beautifully glowing chocolate skin, and that means getting rid of dead and damaged skin cells on the surface of your skin to unveil that baby soft skin underneath.

Here are just a few reasons why regular exfoliation should be part of a beautiful Goddess's skin care regimen:
#1 Dry Skin...
Dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin's surface dry out your skin keeping it in constant need of heavy moisturizers. Hydrating skin is important, but hydrating dead skin cells can't work, and that's where exfoliation comes in. First, exfoliate with a fine abrasive, a salt or sugar scrub, to remove dead skin cells then follow with your favorite moisturizer for silky smooth chocolate skin!

#2 Fine Lines...
One of the major signs of aging is fine lines. Fine lines are natural creases in the skin, but they are  accentuated by dead skin cells on the surface. A fine sugar scrub is a great for your face and be sure to try a fine salt or sugar scrub on the body too!

#3 Rough Skin...
Baby, oh Baby! Ever notice how smooth a baby's skin is? A baby's skin cells regenerate every few days, but aging slows this natural regeneration allowing dead skin cells to accumulate and wreak havoc, blocking pores and making skin appear dull. Simple exfoliation helps to get rid of this lifeless layer and reveals the super soft baby-like skin underneath. Go ahead, make everyone think you were born yesterday!
You already have Goddess skin, so the trick is just to let it shine through!

Glow On, Be Beautiful!

Affectionately Yours,



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